Sleep Dentistry Procedures

Purpose-built with patient comfort and care in mind, sleep dentistry is used at our Melbourne clinics for a range of dental procedures.

Sedation can assist in expediting treatment, calming phobic patients, reducing the likelihood of anxiety in paediatric dentistry procedures, and in smoothing treatment for patients with special medical and dental needs. It is also commonly used for surgical procedures, such as teeth implants or removal of wisdom teeth.

Aesthetic Dental Treatments for Adults and Children

Aesthetics is synonymous with beauty, and is a set of principles that can only be achieved by observing discipline and quality. At our clinics smile aesthetics is part of who we are and an important component of our philosophy.

Our team offers a wide range of dental procedures for adults and children with sedation or general anaesthetic. Due to our unique set-ups our dentists have access to state of the art equipment, which facilitates the delivery of quality care. Unlike the typical hospital environment that is not often conducive to certain dental procedures, sleep dentistry at our Melbourne clinic may be used for fillings, root canal treatment, teeth extractions, gum treatment, and oral surgery; as well as for cosmetic treatments, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, paediatric dentistry and many other procedures that require specialised equipment to provide high standards of care.

Immediate Dental Implants and Oral Rehabilitation

Implantology is part of who we are because it offers teeth replacement and restored function. As surgical facilities that are an ideal complement to sleep dentistry, our Melbourne clinics are uniquely designed to facilitate advanced and immediate rehabilitation with dental implants in a most streamlined process.

From replacing a single missing tooth to full set teeth replacement with All-On-4 Dental Implants, sedation and anaesthetic techniques are often used for teeth implant procedures and all forms of dento-alveolar surgery.

Full-Service Immediate Teeth

We have a dental implants laboratory located onsite at each of our clinics, which is on standby for immediate teeth replacement after or during sedation-assisted dental procedures. The prospect of waking up with a new set of teeth has for a long time been a reality for many who undergo sleep dentistry at our Melbourne cinics.

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