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Gummy Smile


Are You Bothered by a Gummy Smile?

When you look at pictures of yourself, do you see more of your gums than you’d like? If you do, we have options for minimising the look of your gums, so you only take pictures you’re proud of.

Addressing Gummy Smiles

There are a few reasons you may show more gum than you’d like. The first is simply that you have too much gum tissue covering your teeth. This can make beautiful teeth look stubby and childish. Another may be that your lips pull too much when you smile. We can address both.

Laser Gum Lift

To address excess gum tissue, we use a laser and perform what is called gingivoplasty, or a laser gum lift. Reasons people may want this include:

  • Their gums haven’t receded properly.
  • They have an asymmetrical lifting of their gums.
  • Gums can overgrow.
  • Veneers have caused an overgrowth.

This is an easy treatment to have done. At Sleep Dentistry Melbourne, we’re committed to it being 100 percent comfortable for you. A laser is used to easily remove excess tissue. This treatment provides:

  • Quick appointment times
  • Laser sealing of blood vessels
  • Short healing time
  • Minimal post-procedure discomfort

Talk to us about this treatment if you’re unhappy with excess gum tissue.

Relaxing Lip Muscles

Another reason people struggle with a gummy smile is simply that their lips go up too high, exposing a large area above their teeth. Innovation now allows us to use specific wrinkle relaxers to temporarily improve the appearance of a gummy smile because, when injected, they interfere with the signal telling the muscle to move.

If you’re struggling with a strong lip pull that exposes more of your mouth than you’re happy with, one quick treatment can resolve it. The wrinkle relaxer will be injected into the muscle surrounding your mouth in small amounts. This manipulates your smile so it shows only your beautiful teeth and not a lot of pink gums.

The results are transformative but temporary, lasting three to four months. Follow-up sessions can ensure you enjoy seamless results.

Benefits of Treating a Gummy Smile

Our patients say not being self-conscious of their smile has made them quick to laugh, happy to have a picture taken and full of self-confidence.

We want you to love every aspect of your smile. Contact us if you’re unhappy with the appearance of a gummy smile or make an appointment online.


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