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Children's Dentistry

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Paediatric Dentistry

Maintaining and improving the oral health of your kids with paediatric dentistry is important not only to prevent and treat problems, but also for developing healthy habits and proper oral hygiene for long-term healthy smiles.

Our Oral Health Therapists are specifically trained to treat kids under the age of 18. But we recognise that there is a lot more to paediatric dentistry than dealing with children’s teeth, we must respect the special needs of each individual child when undertaking any Improve my smile.

As On-site Facilities offering dental treatments, Sleep Dentistry Melbourne clinics have the capacity develop comprehensive, individualised treatment plans, and positive experiences.

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Building Healthy Habits

Kids are very impressionable and a single bad experience may lead to an acquired phobia about visiting the dentist, which in turn could affect the health of their teeth in adulthood.

In some cases such anxieties could be learnt by children from their parents, thus the education of parents is also an important component of Paediatric Dentistry. Also, some parents believe that keeping baby teeth healthy is not as important because they will eventually fall out.

However, not only is the health of baby teeth important for developing healthy habits, but their premature loss or dental decay can affect the eruption pattern of the adult teeth and may necessitate future orthodontics or complex dental procedures that may be costly and that could often be avoided.

Personalised, Friendly Care

Specially trained in paediatric dentistry, our Oral Health & Cleaning adopt a number of principles in dealing with children aiming to ensure that they are not put off by their experience:

  • Talk to the parents to learn about the child and any individual needs;
  • Educate the parents on how they can help to make the experience a favourable one for their child;
  • Educate the parents about the eruption pattern and try to detect any orthodontic issues early for timely referral to a specialist orthodontist;
  • Educate the child and parents about implementing a healthy diet and good oral hygiene;
  • When dental procedures are required, educate the child in friendly terms about their treatment and then use numbing gel and invisible needle technique to administer the ‘sleepy juice’;
  • Use of light-handed gentle method;
  • Use distractions with on-demand kids’ entertainment to divert the child’s attention from what is being done;
  • For more involved procedures or where required, refer the child to one of our dentists for treatment under sleep dentistry.

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