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Protect Your Whole Family’s Smile

At Sleep Dentistry Melbourne, we’re committed to providing the highest quality dental care for your entire family. No matter what stage of life, great oral health is crucial for a dazzling smile, fresh breath and overall health. Our professional, experienced and friendly staff will create a tailored family plan to ensure everyone’s smile is protected, cared for and healthy.

What Is Family Dentistry?

We offer general and specialized dental services for every member of your family. We are experienced in treating everyone from young children to seniors and understand people need different services at every stage of their lives. From preventative care like dental cleans and at-home oral care instructions to emergency dental services and restorative dentistry, we’re able to skillfully and effectively handle all your dental needs.

Regular checkups and dental cleans are the first lines of defence against tooth decay and gum disease. These appointments are crucial for every member of your family, even children who still have their baby teeth. This preventative care routine will address the buildup of plaque and tartar while giving your dentist the ability to spot and treat issues before they become bigger problems.

Family Dentistry for Children

We love treating our younger patients and try to make visiting the dentist fun and stress free so kids don’t develop anxiety that could prevent them from sticking to a healthy dental routine later in life. We care for and maintain the integrity of baby teeth and newly growing permanent teeth.

These stages of oral health require special care and monitoring to ensure permanent teeth grow in properly. We check the progression of forming adult teeth and look for signs of teeth crowding and eruption problems. Early detection is key, so we can course correct our treatment plan to address newly discovered issues.

We also work closely with children and their parents to:

  • Educate the family on proper at-home dental care routines
  • Recommend the right foods and drinks to keep your child’s teeth healthy
  • Offer advice on handling dental emergencies
  • Customise dental treatments based on age and dental health

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