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Oral Health Therapy & Preventative Maintenance

One of the factors that affect the long-term health of your teeth and gums is your dental hygiene. But keeping your teeth clean at home is not in itself sufficient to maintaining a healthy smile and avoiding extensive dental procedures. Irrespective of your hygiene efforts, microscopic plaque and calculus can still build up in the gingival sulcus under the gum and in between teeth.

If you don’t regularly see a professional to check your teeth and gums, this sub-gingival plaque may remain undetected and this is often where problems can start, albeit without your awareness.

Setting up good habits for life is the focus of paediatric dentistry, but it is never too late to begin an oral health regime.

Gentle Preventative Maintenance

At Sleep Dentistry Melbourne we employ Oral Health Therapists and Hygienists to implement preventive maintenance programs. The primary goal of these preventative dental procedures is to improve and maintain your dental health.

But having a ‘scale and clean’ can be a traumatic experience for patients who have sensitive teeth and especially those who have a fear of the dentist.

For both general dentistry our hygienists and oral health therapists adopt a number of techniques to ensure that your experience is favourable:

  • Gentle method with a combination of ultrasonic and hand instruments;
  • Local anaesthetic during dental procedures for those with sensitive teeth, using numbing gel before administering the anaesthetic;
  • The use of our on-demand entertainment system to divert your attention from what is being done;
  • Where deeper cleans or root planning are required, and/or for phobic patients, referral to one of our suitable clinicians for treatment under sleep dentistry .

The above techniques are aimed to ensure that patients are not put off from future maintenance, considering the impact that this may have on the long-term health of your teeth, their appearance and function.

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