Why Choose Us?

At our state of the art facilities for sleep dentistry in Melbourne, our experienced specialist anaesthetists use sedation and full general anaesthetic techniques using TIVA techniques (Total Intra-Venous Anaesthesia) that are not only safe, but also reliable.

These techniques can be employed to assist patients remain comfortable for a range of dental procedures, and can also be used in paediatric dentistry.

Dental Sedation by Specialist Anaesthetists …the Difference in Safety

The department for sleep dentistry at our Melbourne clinics is run by specialist anaesthetists who administer the anaesthetic and provide specialist medical supervision.

Our anaesthetists have extensive experience in various anaesthetic techniques and IV Sedation, assisting in a broad range of adult and paediatric dentistry treatments.

Having worked in some of Australia’s largest university hospitals, their additional experience in Intensive Care and airway management underlines the level of expertise and safety that can be expected at the clinic.

Our team of accredited anaesthetists includes:
Dr Miles Beeny
Primary Role: General Anaesthesia and IV Sedation; Medical Advisory Officer
Paediatric: Selected cases
Hospital Appointments: Masada Medical Advisory Panel, Cabrini, Epworth, Healthscope Group
Special Areas of Practice: Nurosurgical Anaesthesia, Peri-Operative Medicine and Resucitation
Dr Rishi Mehra
Primary Role: General, Paediatric & Special Needs Anaesthetics; Medical Advisory Officer
Paediatric: Yes
Hospital Appointments: The Alfred
Special Areas of Practice: Peri-Operative Medicine and Intensive Care
Dr Mark Atlar
Primary Role: General Anaesthesia and IV Sedation
Paediatric: Selected Cases
Hospital Appointments: Box Hill, Cabrini
Special Areas of Practice: Private Practice

Maximum Comfort, Safety and Quick Recovery

In traditional hospital-based general anaesthetic techniques one in 500 patients may experience awareness during surgery due to the common use of paralysing agents in a hospital setting, which makes it difficult to determine if a patient is actually asleep, because they can’t move.

Being a purpose-built facilities Sleep Dentistry Melbourne adopts a number of techniques to reliably reduce any chance of awareness during dental procedures and to optimise comfort, safety and recovery:

  • We do NOT use paralysing agents that may stop your reflexes from telling us that you may be waking up or experiencing awareness;
  • We use a well-documented Total Intra-Venous Anaesthesia (TIVA) technique with drugs that put you in a drowsy state of deep relaxation, give you pleasant dreams and reduce recollection;
  • We administer analgesic drugs to alleviate pain and discomfort during dental procedures
  • We use specialised anaesthetic equipment in all dental procedures to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, impedance pneumography (breathing), ECG and Oxygen Saturation, any or all of which may give our anaesthetists additional information as to the level of alertness and your progress;
  • We additionally often use a Brain Wave BIS Monitor to determine the actual level of sedation, alertness and conscious state throughout the procedure;
  • We use long acting local anaesthetic in addition to sedative anaesthetic agents to ensure that the area we are working on is completely numb, eventhough you are asleep or unaware;
  • We administer anti-nausea medication to reduce the chance of nausea and vomiting afterwards, as well as drugs to reduce swelling;
  • We use Pneumatic Sequential Calf Compressors to reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT);
  • We use Bear Huggers and warming blankets throughout to keep you comfortable;
  • All our dental procedures performed under sedation are monitored and supervised by one of our specialist anaesthetists.

Our level of care and attentiveness makes us a clinic of choice for a wide range of patients seeking sleep dentistry, from Melbourne and further afield. We aim to make all patients comfortable, providing sedation services for paediatric dentistry, phobic patients, and those with special dental needs.

For more information on treatments offered at our clinics, including cosmetic procedures, All On 4 Dental implants and paediatric dentistry, book an appointment today.