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The team at Sleep Dentistry Melbourne is dedicated to offering the highest level in patient care, which is part of the reason sedation and anaesthetic treatments for dental procedures are offered at our purpose-built facilities. The range of treatments offered at our clinics may help patients improve and maintain their oral health – or help enhance their smiles.


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Why Choose Us?

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At our state of the art facilities for sleep dentistry in Melbourne, our experienced specialist anaesthetists use sedation and full general anaesthetic techniques using TIVA techniques (Total Intra-Venous Anaesthesia) that are not only safe, but also reliable. These techniques can be employed to assist patients remain comfortable for a range of dental procedures, and can also be used in paediatric dentistry.

The department for sleep dentistry at our Melbourne clinics is run by specialist anaesthetists who administer the anaesthetic and provide specialist medical supervision. Our anaesthetists have extensive experience in various anaesthetic techniques and IV Sedation, assisting in a broad range of adult and paediatric dentistry treatments. Having worked in some of Australia’s largest university hospitals, their additional experience in Intensive Care and airway management underlines the level of expertise and safety that can be expected at the clinic.

Frequent Questions

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I haven’t heard of sleep dentistry before. Is it new?

No. Sleep Dentistry at our Melbourne clinics involves the use of general anaesthetic to put patients to sleep to have dental treatments. It is used for a range of medical procedures, including endoscopies, bronchoscopies and colonoscopies. This is particularly helpful for people who suffer from dental anxiety, special needs or general dislike and discomfort around going to the dentist. Not all clinics offer sleep dentistry in Melbourne as it is rather a specialised service requiring an extensive range of equipment, anaesthetists and trained staff. Our unique, purpose-built facility allows us to provide this service for a wide range of dental procedures.

Wouldn’t I only choose sleep dentistry for major procedures?

For patients who are nervous at the prospect of relatively minor treatments, a general anaesthetic can simply allow them to put their mind at ease, knowing that they won't be awake for their treatment. Even for some people, getting a simple dental clean can be a struggle with the crippling effects of dental anxiety. So no, going under a general anaesthetic isn't just for major surgery such as All On 4 Dental Implants, it can be for veneers, crowns, dental cleans and so much more.

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