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What is Sleep Dentistry?


Sleep dentistry Melbourne clinics offer a leading state-of-the art facility that was purpose-built for sleep dentistry and caters to a large array of dental procedures for Adults.

Having dental treatment while you are asleep is known as Sleep Dentistry and may also be referred to as Dental Sedation, Sleep Sedation, and Sedation Dentistry and involves anaesthesia to induce sleep and reduce pain, awareness and recollection during dental procedures or oral surgery.

In this way, it alleviates the fear, anxiety and discomfort that may often be associated with general dentistry.

All dental treatments are performed while you sleep comfortably.

Dental phobias are very common and one bad experience as a child may psychologically traumatise a person for life. This causes them to avoid dentists, which leads to development and exacerbation of problems over time.

At our unique facilities in Melbourne, sleep dentistry is safe and highly effective making it a relaxing, comfortable and often enjoyable dental experience. Patients who experience sleep dentistry at our Melbourne clinic often acquire an entirely new and positive outlook on visiting the dentist.

Avoid Anxiety

At Sleep Dentistry Melbourne clinics we alleviate the anxiety often experienced by patients about pain or the noises and smells of typical dental procedures. Such patients often avoid going to the dentist, which leads to more problems and more complex treatment needs.

Anaesthetising patients for dentistry treatments means they have no awareness of their procedure, so their dental anxiety goes out the door.

Facilitating Faster Treatment

Sleep Dentistry at our Melbourne clinics is also common for patients with special needs who may not be able to sit still or find it difficult to attend. Sleep Dentistry can also be used as an approach is a person needs to have multiple dental treatments done, to help eliminate the boredom and fatigue of long sessions.

With our General Anaesthetic, our dental providers are able to often complete an entire treatment plan in the one sitting because they have access to the latest equipment in a setting to which they are accustomed.


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