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Anaesthetic Solutions & Sedation Dentistry

With a focus on individualised treatment and attentive care, dentists and anaesthetists at Sleep Dentistry Melbourne use techniques and equipment that maximise patient comfort before, during and after all dental procedures that are performed under IV Sedation and GA (General Anaesthetic).

Customised to Individual Needs

Sleep dentistry at our Melbourne clinics ranges from mild dental sedation to reduce awareness and gagging, to twilight sedation (also known as twilight sleep) to further improve comfort, right through to deep sedation and a full general anaesthetic where indicated.

Our state-of-the-art anaesthetic and monitoring equipment allows our specialist anaesthetists to adjust the levels of consciousness during sedation and tailor treatments to suit individual patients’ needs and desires.


Programmable Infusion and BIS Monitoring

Our anaesthetists use the latest Programmable Syringe Drivers – those used by many of the top hospitals in the country – to provide an accurate infusion of sedative, anaesthetic and pain relieving medication throughout dental procedures that are performed whilst you are asleep.

Our sophisticated Brain Wave (BIS) Monitoring system also allows our anaesthetists to gauge the level of anaesthetic and accurately adjust the rate of infusion of the medication. This not only helps in controlling level of sedation and awareness during sleep dentistry at our Melbourne clinics but also avoids overdosing and ensures a fast recovery with minimal side effects.

Recovery from dental Sedation Treatments

When you wake up from sedation or general anaesthetic you are not likely to have any recollection of your procedure and will be unaware of any noises, needles or drilling; but your experience with sleep dentistry at our Melbourne clinics does not end until you are discharged from our facility.

After completion of the dental procedures, patients are taken into our comfortable recovery area where they continue to be monitored. The recovery area has comfortable recliners and on-demand audio-visual entertainment for additional comfort and enjoyment.

How you feel post-procedure will depend on a range of factors. You will be given a personalised instruction sheet detailing important post-operative care and recovery information.

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