Frequent FAQ's about Sleep Dentistry

Frequent FAQ's about Sleep Dentistry


How does sleep dentistry differ from traditional dentistry?

The only real difference between sleep dentistry and traditional dentistry is that you are having dental procedures done under a general anaesthetic (GA) so you are completely asleep. The actual dentistry part of it remains the same, in terms of how treatments are undertaken.

What are the benefits of sleep dentistry?

Sleep Dentistry mainly has benefits for those who may have a fear or anxiety around going to the dentist, which include:

  • No recollection of the treatment as you are asleep
  • Reduced anxiety/fear surrounding going to the dentist
  • Convenient if you need to have multiple treatments done
  • Reduces the challenge of sitting still in the dental chair ( for longer treatments such as veneers etc).
  • Reduces the ability to hear drills, loud sounds that may increase stress

How safe and effective are sleep dentistry procedures?

Extremely safe. During the entire treatment you will be monitored by your anaesthetist to make sure that you stay asleep for the entire process and when you wake up you will be looked after by our anaesthetic nurse, who will give you post care treatment until you are ready to go home. In terms of the effectiveness, this option is very effective for those who have fear and anxiety around going to the dentist. The dental treatments themselves are undertaken the exact same way as they would if you were awake.

What treatments can be done under Sleep Dentistry?

There are a number of treatments that can be done under sleep dentistry such as:

What should one expect during a sleep dentistry consultation?

During your initial consultation, you can expect your dentist to have an in depth conversation with you about what dental treatment/s you need and the steps that need to be taken to achieve this ( how many appointments etc). We will also talk about any concerns you may have ( fear of the dentist etc) and how we can help alleviate them through Sleep Dentistry. Nothing will happen on that day, it's just to get an idea of what will happen in the coming appointments.

Are sleep dentistry procedures covered by Medicare?

There are parts of the Sleep Dentistry process that you might be able to get money back from. Medicare may cover some of the anaesthetic fee, however it does not cover any of the costs for the actual dental treatment. You may also be able to have some of the cost covered from your private health insurance (best to discuss with your provider). However Sleep Dentistry Melbourne does offer a payment plan option through DentiCare, you can read more about how you can be eligible for this payment plan here.

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