How to Ease Dental Anxiety in Children

How to Ease Dental Anxiety in Children

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Going to the dentist is often a stressful experience, even for adults, so if your child has dental anxiety, this is perfectly normal. It is not, however an issue that should be ignored, as this could lead this to your child not wanting to visit a dentist, even in situations where it may be urgently needed. Here are some tips on how to ease any dental anxiety your child may be feeling.

Find a Child Friendly Dentist

Finding a child friendly dentist is important, here at Sleep Dentistry Melbourne, we have a team of paediatric dentists who are professionally trained oral health specialists for children under the age of 18. Our friendly team ensure that they take their time to help children feel uncomfortable while also educating them on good oral hygiene habits. They are also trained in distraction techniques for children who may need them and will always take a gentle approach.

Turning visiting the Dentist into a Positive Experience

Sometimes finding the right dentist isn't enough to curb those fears, Children who have dental anxiety may not not respond well to a visit even with someone who specialises in their care, so it's important to frame visiting the dentist as a positive experience. This is reflected in how you talk about appointments both for yourself and your children. You shouldn't make negative comments about having to visit the dentist in front of your child and always frame their visits as being solutions for their problems, rather than focusing on the problem.

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Framing the dentist as a positive experience is important to reduce dental anxiety


Finally, it's important to communicate with your child and find out what exactly is causing their anxiety. It may simply be due to the fact that a trip to the dentist is outside of their normal routine or they may be worried about the environment. In these instances, it can be a good idea to inform your child well in advance when they have a dentist appointment and remind them that Sleep Dentistry Melbourne has plenty of children's entertainment available for them while they're in our chair. You should also remind them that you'll be there the entire time and word on addressing any other dears they mention to you.

As long as dental anxiety is managed correctly, it shouldn't be a barrier to your child receiving any care that they need. Follow the tips outlined in this blog and contact us for further information or to book an appointment for your little one. For any other enquiries you can call us at 1300 255 600.


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