Is It Possible to Straighten Your Teeth Without Getting Braces?

Is It Possible to Straighten Your Teeth Without Getting Braces?

Invisible braces

What Are Invisible Braces?

It sounds almost magical and, in a way, we guess it is. Invisible braces are clear aligners that are custom made to fit securely on your teeth. So securely, in fact, they’re nearly invisible. They’re also removable. But to be effective they need to be worn for 22 hours a day, only being taken out to eat and brush your teeth. There are even allowances for the occasional social situation for which you don’t want to wear them.

How Do They Work?

This option is far more patient-friendly than traditional braces. With metal orthodontics, you have to visit the clinic once a month to have everything tightened, and your teeth HURT for about a week afterwards. Mouth irritation and sores are not uncommon with metal braces. Invisible braces, on the other hand, move your teeth very gradually so the discomfort is minor.

During your initial visit, you’ll have x-rays taken and 3-D images made of your mouth. A course of aligners are made to progress your teeth toward your goal. You’ll change your aligner every two weeks to keep your teeth moving. Your orthodontist will recommend a follow-up schedule so they can ensure you’re making the right progress. They can also use this schedule to make any corrections if they need to, and give you your next course of aligners when the time comes..

Are Invisible Braces Right for Me?

Physically speaking, if you have fairly minor orthodontic issues like slightly crooked or protruding teeth, small gaps or spacing issues you might be a good candidate. Our orthodontists and dentists are trained and experienced in recommending the perfect treatment plan for your areas of concern. These braces are not suitable for all purposes, however, and more severe situations that require traditional braces.

There’s more to consider than whether your teeth are right for invisible braces. Are you right for them? There are certain behaviours and activities you have to commit to to get optimal results. We’ll go over the guidelines for wearing invisible braces, but these are rules to clearly understand before you commit to treatment.

Getting the Right Result from Your Braces

For the treatment to work you have to wear the aligners 22 hours a day—that means work, school and sleep. You have to remove them when you eat or drink. Your aligners are medical-grade plastic, so they’re really sturdy but they’re not hot drink sturdy. If you drink hot coffee all day long, it’s going to be a big adjustment because hot drinks are a no-no. Colourful drinks can cause the aligners to discolour. Your braces won’t be so invisible if you drink red wine without removing them.

You need to brush your teeth a lot. It’s recommended you brush your teeth after every meal and snack. If you don’t, food gets trapped in the braces, which can cause bad breath and even tooth decay. And don't get used to long five-course meals that take hours to get through, because that 22 hours a day is a hard and fast rule.

The Clear Benefit

If you can commit to the program and wearing them as much as required, you could have amazing success without bulky metal of traditional braces. Invisible orthodontics offer:

  • A subtle appearance
  • Removable for eating, drinking and brushing your teeth
  • Custom made to be as smooth as possible
  • Very easy to speak with and adjust to
  • Straight teeth and a healthy, dazzling smile

Results from invisible braces can be transformative and the process is much easier and convenient than metal braces. You won’t be disappointed in your results.

If you’re bothered by the appearance of your teeth or smile, but aren’t excited about the idea of traditional braces, contact us to learn more about this innovative and effective treatment. At the Centre for Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry we’ve tailored our practice completely around our patients. We’re committed to getting your oral health in top shape while providing you with preventative care, traditional treatments and cosmetic services.

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