Signs you may need to get your wisdom teeth removed

Signs you may need to get your wisdom teeth removed

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Some people never have wisdom teeth grow in, or they have them grow in without any trouble. Most of us, unfortunately, are not so lucky. While it's normal to experience some discomfort when your wisdom teeth are growing in, pain could be indicative of a larger problem that requires a professional assessment.

A dentist can determine through mouth examinations and X-rays whether or not removal is necessary. Unsure if your symptoms are worth a visit to your local dental practice? Here are four signs that you may need your wisdom teeth removed.

1. Your Wisdom Tooth Has Overerupted

If your wisdom tooth has grown longer than your surrounding teeth, it has likely overerupted. This tooth can lead to an unbalanced bite and could potentially injure any soft tissues in your mouth. Your dentist may reduce the length of the tooth or remove it entirely. Either way, if you suspect that your wisdom tooth has overerupted, visiting a dentist is a must.

2. Your Teeth Are Shifting

If there's not enough space in your mouth to support your wisdom teeth, their growth could put pressure on your neighbouring teeth and knock them out of alignment. Aside from the cosmetic change, this could also result in other issues long term, including teeth grinding and difficulty chewing.

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3. You're Showing Signs of Infection

If you're having difficulty moving your jaw or swallowing, one or more of your wisdom teeth may be infected. Infections are not uncommon among wisdom teeth, particularly those that are impacted or only partially erupted. Oral infections can escalate and put other parts of your body at risk, including your heart, so it's wise to seek medical attention quickly.

Please note, other signs of wisdom tooth infection include red and/or swollen gums, persistent bad breath, pus or discharge from your gums, and fever

4. Your Wisdom Tooth Has Only Partly Erupted

Has your wisdom tooth only partly erupted from the gum? If you can't examine your wisdom tooth visually, you may be able to feel the area with your tongue. If it seems as though it has only partially erupted and has not been erupting any further, that could be a sign that it's impacted and unable to fully emerge. In this case, removal may be necessary.

Sleep Dentistry Melbourne Is Here to Help

Sleep Dentistry Melbourne regularly provides our patients with professional wisdom teeth removals. We aid clients with all different types of wisdom teeth issues, whether their wisdom teeth are impacted, infected, or causing misalignment. As experts in sleep dentistry, we'll ensure that your surgery is as painless and stress-free as possible.

If you're experiencing problems with your wisdom teeth and would like to learn about your options, please contact us by calling 1300 255 600 or filling out our online enquiry form.


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