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Wonthaggi Family Dental Surgery and Aesthetic Centre

Wonthaggi Sleep Dentistry provides dental services for the Bass Coast and Gippsland communities. We have been operating in the region since 1927, and were formally known as the Miners' Dental Clinic. As the trusted family dentist for people in South Dudley, Leongatha, Wonthaggi, and beyond, we're here to serve the local community.

From general dental to cosmetic and specialist procedures, our friendly and experienced team offers the following services:

  • Preventive and general dental
  • Dental implants and replacements
  • Orthodontic solutions
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Specialist and emergency procedures

At Wonthaggi Sleep Dentistry, we provide a caring and supportive environment for our patients. When you visit our clinic, you’ll receive expert care from a qualified, experienced, and dedicated team. Bulk billing and interest-free payment plans are available, with all of our services designed to support your financial needs. We specialise in sleep dentistry to help patients get the dental treatments they need, particularly if they experience dental phobia.

Complete Dental Solutions

We offer a variety of preventive care services, including regular check-ups, deep cleans, and fluoride applications. If you have tooth decay, we can help you with fillings and root canal treatments, along with extraction services for damaged teeth and wisdom teeth. Cosmetic services are also available through our clinic, with professional cleaning and whitening able to brighten up any smile. We also provide crowns, veneers, dentures and All On 4 treatment, since we are an All On 4 Plus premium provider.

This advanced treatment utilises state-of-the-art technology to fix your issues in a single sitting. We also provide orthodontic treatment for children and adults, including fixed braces and Invisalign straighteners.

Real Customer Support

Wonthaggi Sleep Dentistry is 100% committed to quality patient care. Our staff are well qualified, highly trained, and widely experienced in a variety of dental procedures. We believe in personalised care and deliver custom solutions following clear communication and feedback. We will fix your existing problems fast and support your long-term dental health with preventive measures.

At Wonthaggi Sleep Dentistry, we're here to support all of your dental needs. Our dentists have a deep connection with the local area, and we love the people and environment that define this special part of Victoria. If you're due for a check-up or have specific dental issues that need to be addressed, please get in touch with our friendly team.


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